Hiporalite Waterproof Gloves
Dissent 133 Hiporalite Waterproof Cycling Gloves - Velcro
Dissent 133 Hiporalite Waterproof Cycling Gloves - Tightening Loop
Dissent 133 Hiporalite Waterproof Cycling Gloves - Palm Grippers
Dissent 133 Hiporalite Waterproof Cycling Gloves - Touchscreen
Dissent 133 Hiporalite Waterproof Cycling Gloves - Nose Wipe
Dissent 133 Hiporalite Waterproof Cycling Gloves - Lightly Packable
Dissent 133 Hiporalite Waterproof Cycling Gloves
Dissent 133 Hiporalite Waterproof Cycling Gloves
Dissent 133 Hiporalite Waterproof Cycling Gloves
Dissent 133 Hiporalite Waterproof Cycling Gloves
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Hiporalite Waterproof Gloves

Outer Layer [12°C to -5°C]

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Key Features

    • Designed to fit over other gloves and provide water & wind protection in extremely cold weather.
    • Light and flexible construction; excellent dexterity for gear shifts and braking
    • Consists of 3 layers with microporous structure containing 9 billion pores per every square inch.
    • Excellent breathability due to Premium Polyurethane coating which stops water from getting in but allows moisture to get out.
    • High and permanent elasticity, owing to high tensile strength
    • Lightweight but durable, thanks to Schoeller fabric, ideal for easy packing in your jersey pockets
    • Secure tightening through the v-shaped Velcro waterproof opening, with a loop to allow for easy access, whether on the bike or off
    • Nose wipe on thumb
    • Touch-screen fingertips for easy use of mobile device
    • Reflective side strip

The Dissent 133 HiPora®Lite waterproof cycling glove is the alternative outer shell for when the weather gets to subzero temperatures. The membrane consists of 3 layers which prevent water from coming in while letting moisture out.

The outermost layer of the membrane is the one that makes sure no water gets in. It includes aluminium flakes for zeolite crystalisation and contains 9 billion pores per every square inch - they are less than .5 um in diameter. This makes them so small that water physically can't get through but moisture can evaporate.

The middle layer has a honeycomb structure that lets moisture from below so it can expel through the outer layer. It absorbs the sweat from your hands and lets it slowly evaporate

The innermost layer of the membrane is very dense and adds even more protection against water.

Using the same unique heat-moulding technique as in our OutdryLite gloves, the waterproof HiPora® membrane is bonded to the Schoeller® fabric, producing a glove with no leaky stitching, no bulky taping, and no compromise on protection from the most adverse weather conditions. Nanosphere® technology is present here too, which results in a self-cleaning effect on the textile surface.


Hipora membrane technology

The HiPora® waterproof membrane is often the choice for heavy duty snowmobile boots, and other industry-leading extreme climbing/outdoor equipment where thermal insulation is just as important as complete water resistance. In the same way as the OutDry® membrane, the bonding between the HiPora® and the Schoeller fabric uses glue dots and strips, delivering a strong construction, very low bulk and excellent dexterity. The only difference between the two membranes is that the HiPora® is slightly thicker, which provides better insulation and increases the temperature range in which the complete system can be used. Riding in 10° below 0°C is no longer an issue! The main benefits from the HiPora® membrane are:

    • Thicker than OutDry® so warmer in very cold and wet conditions.
    • Dries out quickly even if left at room temperature.
    • Similar to OutDry®, it has greatly improved thermal properties of the glove system as water does not penetrate outer shell and all thermal layers remain dry. Even if your hands start sweating, the membrane allows for the steam to evaporate which keeps your hands dry.
    • Membrane meets the requirements of O.S.H.A. Bloodborne Pathogens Standard (29CFR 1910.1030)


Hand Length

(Base of hand to tip of middle finger)

Hand Width

(Circumference around palm)

XS 15.5 - 17 cm 16 - 19.5 cm


17.5 - 19 cm

17.5 - 20.5 cm


19.5 - 21 cm

18.5 - 21.5 cm


21.5 - 23 cm

19.5 - 22.5 cm


23.5 - 25.5 cm

21 - 24 cm

XXL 25 - 27.5 cm 22 - 25.5 cm