Layering Concept

The Dissent 133 Layered Glove System was born from days on end spent riding in variable conditions, with numb fingers and wet hands, causing difficulty shifting gears or braking hard. When the weather is foul outside, the hardiest of cyclists reach for multiple layers to keep dry and warm. Dissent 133 applies this logic to a three-part Layered Glove System, designed to protect no matter the conditions outside. Utilising a unique layering system that mimics the way a rider would layer their upper body,  to maximise adaptability throughout changeable conditions.


Warm, Dry, Thin and Flexible

The Dissent 133 Layered Glove System puts the waterproof/windproof membrane outside all the thermal layers, keeping them dry and maintaining their thermal insulating properties.

Incredible Adaptability, 11 combinations!

The Dissent 133 Layered Glove System is ideal for changeable mid-ride conditions, and each layer is easily packable. No need to own expensive thick deep winter gloves suitable for just a few rides a year.

Easy Drying and Washing

The individual gloves used within the Dissent 133 Layered Glove System separate without difficulty, to dry quickly and wash easily.

Less Frustration

Like us, you may well have experienced the liners of winter gloves pulling out at the fingers countless times – and the struggle to push them back in! The Dissent 133 Layered Glove System completely removes this problem as the HDry®Lite membrane is bonded directly to the Schoeller outer fabric. 


Dissent 133 Glove Layering System

Use the above diagram to help form an understanding of the temperature ranges through which the Dissent 133 Layered Glove System can be used. Obviously, some riders run hot and some cold, so you will no doubt find your own perfect solution to each of the four seasons as you ride through them all.

NB: the waterproof and windproof layers are interchangeable in the graphic above, but obviously for the wettest weather the HDry®Lite waterproof glove is preferable, whereas the ShowerLite windproof glove works well in light rain and windy conditions, offering CX/Spring race levels of dexterity and feel. The Dissent 133 HDry®Lite and Showerlite outer gloves also pack neatly into your jersey pockets which also makes them ideal for use over short finger cycling mitts when the heavens open during those mountain descents.