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Dissent 133 Cordura E-Touch Thermal Gloves
Ultimate Cycling Glove Pack
Ultimate Cycling Glove Pack
Ultimate Cycling Glove Pack
Ultimate Cycling Glove Pack
Ultimate Cycling Glove Pack
Ultimate Cycling Glove Pack
Ultimate Cycling Glove Pack
Ultimate Cycling Glove Pack
Ultimate Cycling Glove Pack
Ultimate Cycling Glove Pack
Ultimate Cycling Glove Pack
Ultimate Cycling Glove Pack
Ultimate Cycling Glove Pack
Ultimate Cycling Glove Pack
Ultimate Cycling Glove Pack
Ultimate Cycling Glove Pack
Ultimate Cycling Glove Pack
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Ultimate Cycling Glove Pack

Layered Cycling Glove System

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The 'Ultimate Pack' of the Dissent 133 Layered Glove System includes both the HDry®Lite and ShowerLite outer layers, ideal for everything from deep winter training to CX and Spring road races.

The Dissent 133 Layered Glove System was born from days on end spent riding in variable conditions, with numb fingers and wet hands, causing difficulty shifting gears or braking hard. When the weather is foul outside, the hardiest of cyclists reach for multiple layers to keep dry and warm. Dissent 133 applies this logic to a three-part Layered Glove System, designed to protect no matter the conditions outside. Utilising a unique layering system that mimics the way a rider would layer their upper body, to maximise adaptability throughout changeable conditions.

    • Warm, dry, thin and flexible | The Dissent 133 Layered Glove System puts the waterproof/windproof membrane outside all the thermal layers, keeping them dry and maintaining their thermal insulating properties.
    • Incredible adaptability, 11 combinations! | The Dissent 133 Layered Glove System is ideal for changeable mid-ride conditions, and each layer is easily packable. No need to own expensive thick deep winter gloves suitable for just a few rides a year.
    • Easy drying and washing | The individual gloves used within the Dissent 133 Layered Glove System separate without difficulty, to dry quickly and wash easily.
    • Less frustration | Like us, you may well have experienced the liners of winter gloves pulling out at the fingers countless times – and the struggle to push them back in! The Dissent 133 Layered Glove System completely removes this problem as the HDry®Lite membrane is bonded directly to the Schoeller outer fabric.


Dissent 133 Glove Layering System

Use the above diagram to help form an understanding of the temperature ranges through which the Dissent 133 Layered Glove System can be used. Obviously, some riders run hot and some cold, so you will no doubt find your own perfect solution to each of the four seasons as you ride through them all.

NB: the waterproof and windproof layers are interchangeable in the graphic above, but obviously for the wettest weather the HDry®Lite waterproof glove is preferable, whereas the ShowerLite windproof glove works well in light rain and windy conditions, offering CX/Spring race levels of dexterity and feel. The Dissent 133 HDry®Lite and Showerlite outer gloves also pack neatly into your jersey pockets which also makes them ideal for use over short finger cycling mitts when the heavens open during those mountain descents.



Key Features

Tech Specs

    • Designed to fit over other gloves and provide water & wind protection.
    • Incredibly light and flexible construction; excellent dexterity for gear shifts and braking
    • High Waterproof rating of over 10,000mm WPR (Water Permeability Rating), thanks to patented HDry® technology
    • Excellent breathability; more than 20,000g/m2/day WVP (Water Vapour Permeability)
    • High and permanent elasticity, owing to high tensile strength
    • Lightweight but durable, thanks to Schoeller fabric, ideal for easy packing in your jersey pockets
    • Secure tightening through the v-shaped Velcro waterproof opening, with a loop to allow for easy access, whether on the bike or off
    • Nose wipe on thumb
    • Touch-screen fingertips for easy use of mobile device
    • Reflective side strip


The unique Dissent 133 HDry®Lite waterproof cycling outer glove is an innovative concept, and the most technically advanced of the three layers, itself featuring several key parts.

The innermost face of the outer shell is a highly durable super-light 2-way stretch, super high-gauge material, with antimicrobial and anti-odour treatments. The result is flexibility and low-bulk.

Bonded to this is the flexible, seamless fully waterproof, and yet highly breathable, patented HDry® membrane, as used in award-winning Alpine Mountaineering boots. The bonding between the materials uses thousands of tiny glue dots delivering a strong construction, very low bulk and excellent dexterity for easy gear shifts.

The outermost part of the waterproof glove features a cutting-edge material woven by the Swiss company Schoeller® and is treated with their Nanosphere® technology, which results in a self-cleaning effect on the textile surface. This is similar to how the leaves of certain plants always stay clean because dirt cannot adhere to their finely-structured surfaces. Raindrops wash the dirt particles off easily. Thanks to Nanosphere®, this self-cleaning property is permanently transferred to textile surfaces making them water, oil and dirt repellent. Any residue can be rinsed off with a little water.

Using a unique heat-moulding technique, the waterproof HDry® membrane is expanded and bonded to the Schoeller® fabric, producing a glove with no leaky stitching, no bulky taping, and no compromise on protection from the most adverse weather conditions.


Outdry membrane technology

The HDry® waterproof membrane is often used in award-winning Alpine Mountaineering boots and other industry-leading extreme climbing/outdoor equipment. The bonding between the materials uses thousands of tiny glue dots, delivering a strong construction, very low bulk and excellent dexterity. The result of the glue dot application is a uniform and steady lamination. This seals the fabrics and seams, without the use of taping, offering dexterity never seen before on garments as waterproof as this. 'Waterproof' products are often as low as 3,000mm WPR (Water-head of Pressure Rated) whereas HDry® is over 10,000mm WPR.

During production, once the outer shell/material is ready, the HDry® waterproof membrane is inserted inside and expanded whilst being heated. The glue mesh melts, achieving a complete adhesion of the membrane to the glove shell inner face. Once the lamination is completed, the glove shell and HDry® membrane become a single body. The advantages of using the HDry® system are as follows:

    • Less weight gain in wet conditions, as water cannot penetrate the outer shell
    • Glove returns to natural state much quicker after getting wet (only the thing outer shell needs to dry out), all thermal layers remain protected and dry
    • Increased dexterity and tactility as there is no floating insert (one less layer to the glove)
    • Greatly improved thermal properties of the glove system as water does not penetrate the outer shell and all thermal layers remain dry. Traditional waterproof gloves often have a permeable thermal layer on the exterior of the glove and thus thermal protection is compromised by absorbed water
    • Membrane meets the requirements of EN 659 for firefighter gloves and is resistant to bloodborne pathogens


Our lightest and smallest packing outer layer. Combined with our thermal layers it is perfect for those cold days when wind protection is a must.

Key Features

Tech Specs

    • Our most flexible outer shell glove.
    • Designed to fit over other gloves and provide wind protection and shower resistance.
    • Surface material is a highly flexible knitted interlock fabric
    • Under this is a windproof and water-resistant barrier membrane
    • Incredible dexterity for shifting/braking/control
    • Extremely Lightweight and easily packable into your jersey pocket
    • High breath-ability rating of 5,000g/m2/day WVP (Water Vapour Permeability)
    • Durable Water Resistant treatment sheds water quickly.


    The Dissent 133 ShowerLite glove is an alternative outer layer to the HDry®Lite glove and offers an even lighter & more dexterous option for when expecting only lighter rain and/or wind, and it highly compact when stowed in your jersey pocket.

    The surface material is an extremely flexible knitted interlock fabric, which is bonded to a breathable barrier, a water-resistant membrane. This membrane has a very high waterproof rating of 10,000mm. The result is a lightweight and flexible, yet highly durable, fabric. The use of interlocked knitting on the outermost material of this layer offers immense durability for its thickness, and yet offers 5,000g/m2/day breathability.

    Even when used in conjunction with both inner layers, the ShowerLite glove offers incredible dexterity for shifting/braking/control. Further, they fold up incredibly small, and so can easily be stowed in a jersey pocket for when the shower stops and the roads start to dry up.

    The Durable Water Resistant treatment sheds water quickly during showers and protects the surface fabric.


        The choice of many in the pro peloton. Its seamless design is ideal for our Layered Glove System, due to the consequent low bulk and great dexterity.

        Key Features

          • Knitted construction means it is an ideal thermal layer that holds warmth incredibly when protected but a wind/waterproof outer layer.
          • Touch screen-friendly middle finger, index finger and thumb
          • Versatile all-season gloves – the choice of many top professionals
          • Silicone palm and finger grips
          • Dissent 133 logo detailing
          • Seamless design makes the glove a perfect liner as part of the Dissent 133 Layered Glove System


        The Cordura TouchFit is the mid-season cycling glove of choice for many World Tour Pros. Featuring a knitted (rather than stitched) seamless construction, this well-established mid-level glove will pair perfectly with your other layers to ensure unparalleled dexterity and movement. The glove features Cordura® yarn plated to the outside of the glove, creating an abrasion-resistant exterior. It will block enough air to keep you warm, while still allowing hands to breathe during riding.

        Another great feature of Cordura® gloves is that they are thin enough to allow for plenty of dexterity while reaching into jersey pockets, unwrapping and eating food, and operating electronic gadgets, such as your touch-screen smartphone, on the move.

        This layer also features silicone printed grip pads and an e:touch screen tip on the index finger, and will provide moderate insulation when used alone, or extra warmth with the base layer on cooler days. Maximum insulation is achieved when used in the full 3/3 combination.

                    SILK LINER GLOVES


                    Key Features

                      • Lightweight full-fingered glove
                      • 100% silk
                      • High-wicking and hydrophilic
                      • Ideal for wearing under the thermal mid-layer on cooler days, or as part of the full Dissent 133 Layered Glove System for maximum insulation
                      • Slim and light high-gauge material, offering high levels of dexterity and comfort


                    The Dissent 133 Silk Liner glove acts as the base thermal and wicking layer in the Dissent 133 Layered Glove System. Combined with the other layers for maximum warmth/protection it remains dry under the flexible outer shell glove meaning heat retention is excellent. This allows us to use lightweight layers thus the Dissent 133 Layered Glove System delivers class leading dexterity and warmth even down to 0°C.

                    The silk base layer will provide either moderate insulation when combined with just the outer shell, or maximum insulation when used in the full 3/3 combination.

                    Cycling Weekly

                    9/10 REVIEW

                    "The Dissent 133 glove layering system provides a versatile solution to allow you to find the right mix of warmth, wind resistance and waterproofing for off-season riding. Glove care is much easier than with single-piece winter gloves and it’s easy to shed a layer or add one if conditions change during a ride."


                    "All in all, the layering concept has made the Dissent 133 my go-to glove since around mid-autumn when temps first dipped near freezing – they are the best cold-weather cycling glove solution I’ve found to date."

                    4.5/5 STAR REVIEW

                    "Serious gloves that do what they promise well."
                    Bicycling Review

                    "Best For All Season" Award

                    "The system kept their hands were 100 percent dry and warm through snow and ice, and offered more dexterity than one pair of thick gloves could."
                    Road Bike Rider Review

                    4.5/5 STAR REVIEW

                    "Excellent fit and dexterity. Waterproof performance is the best I’ve ever used"

                    4.5/5 STAR REVIEW

                    "Each layer is great and the system ends up being excellent value."
                    Chainslap Magazine Review


                    "For anyone who rides through the winter and encounters a range of temperatures and a bit of rain, it makes a lot of sense, and Dissent 133 has done a good job of getting each layer pretty well spot on."


                    Hand Length

                    (Base of hand to tip of middle finger)

                    Hand Width

                    (Circumference around palm)

                    XS 15.5 - 17 cm 16 - 19.5 cm


                    17.5 - 19 cm

                    17.5 - 20.5 cm


                    19.5 - 21 cm

                    18.5 - 21.5 cm


                    21.5 - 23 cm

                    19.5 - 22.5 cm


                    23.5 - 25.5 cm

                    21 - 24 cm

                    XXL 25 - 27.5 cm 22 - 25.5 cm